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  We at Care On Demand are commited to making sure you and your loved ones are prepared in case of an Emergency.  

Are you prepared in a case of emergency?

Are you really………

  • •·       Who knows all your current medical conditions?
  • •·       Who is your primary Doctor, Cardiologist, Dentist etc.
  • •·       Who knows your past medical history, Family history?
  • •·       Who knows all your medications and when you take them?
  • •·       Who is your Health Care Surrogate? Power of attorney?  
  • •·       Where are your documents? Living will, Will  etc.
  • •·       Who knows where your family emergency numbers are?
  • •·       Who has copies of all your insurance information?
  • •·       Who knows how to navigate the current health  system?
  • •·       Who can act as your own medically trained prsonal advocate?

Lack of current medical and personal information in a crisis can lead to devastating oversights and cost a Doctor valuable time to be able to accurately determine  your treatment. Having all the current and past medical history is crucial to being able to treat the patient in a timely manner.

Will you remember when you or your loved one is in a medical crisis? Can you reach a family member 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week?

Care on Demand knows the answers and will be there for you and can act with one call! Your Personal Care Advocate  will have all your critical , concise, accurate information at their fingertips instantly in a crisis. Care On demand will respond to an emergency with all your information, interact with the doctors on your behalf, contact your family and Primary Doctor.

This will allow for a complete medical history,current conditions and medications to be given to the Emergency Room Physicians.  Your Personal Care Advocate will alert Doctors, to any known   medical conditions,  or allergies which is critical knowledge in medical testing that can impact your care.

 Your  Care Advocate will then activate your predetermined Care Network.  This network will  be chosen by you. In a medical hospitalization it is critical to have someone who will be able to follow up with Doctors orders and monitor your care. This will ensure that you have continuity of care and that you can rest assured that you have chosen your own personal network  to act on your behalf.

Your Family members will be given a complete consise report of the event and what was done along with recommendations for further care as needed. All members have access to our extensive Network of Community Resources.

 Don't be the person who has to be reactive and not proactive  in a emergency.

 Invest in your future!

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